Sex Therapy

Did you know that 40 percent of women and 25 percent of men experience some type of sexual problem, including low sexual desire, problems with arousal, and difficulty achieving satisfactory orgasm? If your sexual well-being isn’t what you’d like it to be, try calling a specialist, Dr. Michael Perry.

Michael is a licensed psychotherapist/sex therapist who specializes in treating individuals and couples with sexual concerns. He welcomes your request for a caring, non-judgmental therapist who specializes in a brief therapy modality, particularly around sexual issues.

As a licensed sex therapist, he has assisted thousands of clients to have better sex lives. He knows what women and men really want -- in bed and in their relationships.

He conducts seminars and lectures and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including Geraldo, Larry King Live, Lifetime, Hard Copy, Sonya Live, CNBC, Rolanda, Vicki, Marilu Henner, Extra and The Playboy Channel.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is like psychotherapy, but the specific focus is on sexual concerns. Dr. Perry's orientation is Cognitive/Behavioral. That is, he helps you think [cognition] about your problem and alter your beliefs [e.g. "Sex is bad" or "I don't deserve to have a really good sex life" or "Being easily orgasmic is just too hard for me."] Then he gets right into the "here and now." There are techniques and exercises you practice at home proven to change your behaviors. The topic of human sexuality is handled in a straightforward way with your comfort always in mind.

What problems does sex therapy help?

Enrich your sex life or overcome concerns like coming sooner than you'd like or maintaining an erection. Having difficulty being orgasmic or suffering from low desire? Or, are any of these a problem for your partner? Let a trained specialist come to your aid. Whether working with an individual or a couple, Dr. Perry's goal is to increase your sense of love and trust, and the healthy expression of sexual energy. Dr. Perry is available in his office in Hollywood, CA or by phone. Your first consultation is FREE.

Call him: 323-851-1638.