8 Buckle adjustments for infinite control


The LoveSwing has 8 buckles and straps for
infinite adjustments.

The #1 buckles
allow you to adjust the height of the swing and thus align the woman's vagina to the man's penis.

The #2 buckles allow for adjusting the angle of the woman's back from reclining to sitting up in a fully upright position for using the spinning device.

The #3 buckles are for adjusting the small of the back for comfort in any position.

The #4 buckles are for adjusting the tilt of the woman's buttocks so that every movement of the man's penis caresses her G Spot and propels her toward ecstasy!


1) Using the 8 buckles and straps adjust the LoveSwing seat to match the height of the man's erect penis. Readjustments can be done with the woman still in the swing.

2) The angle of her back should be set so the woman starts out mostly in a reclining position. This allows the penis to begin to caress her G Spot each time either person moves. Refine all these adjustments each time you make love.
3) Have the woman back up to the swing and grab the straps on each side. Her buttocks should just touch the edge of the seat. She should roll back onto the swing NOT sit back into it. Remember, it's not a kid's swing where you sit way back into it. You both want good access to all of her pelvic area.

4) The woman can use the supplied foot supports or place her feet on the bar or his shoulders or she can wrap her legs around him.

5) The man should be able to easily reach her entire body. The man should stand up straight and flat footed. If a man is on his tiptoes, tension will build and he will ejaculate too quickly.

6) With only a few minutes of practice the man needs only to rotate, rock, or sway his hips in slow easy movements to send  both of you into ecstasy -- and keep you there.

7) Have drinking water close at hand. Your Passion Dancing experience can last hours. 

In less than 5 minutes any man who can walk, play golf, tennis
and/or dance will be a better lover.

They can gaze into each others eyes as they make loveTIPS FOR STARTING OUT

Treat this  foreplay as your first learning session. It will help you to experience the beginning of much longer-lasting sessions. Stay connected to each other; don't just borrow each other's genitals to have sex. Cuddle and kiss in the LoveSwing.

Step between her thighs; breath slowly and deeply for a few minutes as both of you relax!

Standing there, you can touch and caress her from head to toe.

Slowly slip your penis into her; pause and just enjoy the connection.


You can and will last longer the more you learn to stay relaxed.

Next, without pumping in and out, softly lay your hands on her hips and slightly bend your knees. Then straighten back up. Do this slowly several times. Still holding her hips, slowly sway a few inches  from side to side.

Now do both of the above at the same time. Don't worry about any pattern or order. You may feel that making love in this new way is a bit awkward; you are learning a new dance and it needs practice. You're learning to work as a team, like riding a bicycle built for two.

Lastly, try slowly pulling out about 1 or 2 inches and then slowly push in as you do either of the two  moves described above. When you have the Swing adjusted correctly for the two of you, your penis  strokes the G Spot almost every time. This is the reason the Swing with its adjustability is a vast improvement over using a high bed, counter top or other furniture.

The woman can rearrange her legs and feet so she can position your penis to just the right angle. You can also lower or raise the two straps that support her buttocks inch by inch. (This  can be done while you are inside her). Adjusting the LoveSwing is like tuning a musical instrument; fine tuning is necessary to get the best harmony.

Talk to each other. Verbalize your sensations. When you feel pleasure say so and where. Floating in the LoveSwing allows the woman to express herself with her voice, eyes, hands, legs and even her feet better than in any other situation.

If you get fatigued from "dancing", use the straps of the swing to gently rock her on your penis. And remember, it's dancing, not pumping.



Kiss the "Gates of Heaven" while maintaining eye contact. This can be a most profound -- and pleasurable -- experience.  The LoveSwing can relieve many of the discomforts associated with oral sex.

No more stiff necks. No more tired shoulders from holding yourself up. No more sore arms from the weight of her legs as you reach under them attempting to caress her breasts or upper body. And no more cramps in your back from arching it back for long periods of time.  You can now "KISS" for as long as you and your lady want. You simply adjust the height of the LoveSwing.

You can sit on the edge of the bed, in a chair ... somewhere comfortable! Again you can reach her entire body. At last you're both comfortable! You have greater access to her pelvic area for any and all types of caresses.

Ladies you can put him in the swing too and get the same benefits!

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