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While their husbands are away, Sandy Simmers invites Luccia over for some sensual sexploratioin. They play in the pool experimenting with all kinds of sex toys and show you how to shave a pussy totally clean.

DVD 508 Approx. 120 MINUTES


New Release

Sexually experienced women reveal how they learned to love sex! They tell and show you what most men never learn: how to REALLY please a woman.

"...extremely couples-oriented vid." AVN

DVD 505 Approx. 115 MINUTES


New Release

What Women Really Want

How is it possible for couples to bring a third person into their intimate relationship? Many have thought about it. Lots of people fantasize about it. Some couples are actually practitioners in Open Relationship lifestyles.

DVD 507 Approx. 120 minutes.



New Release
My Three Way

Shot entirely in POV style: Your sex surrogate looks directly at you throughout the video. Let her personally guide you to high levels of arousal and explosive orgasms. Women: Learn sex surrogate tricks you can use to make your partner the kind of lover you really want!

DVD 002 90 minutes



Virtual Sex Surrogate

A POV SEX SURROGATE'S GUIDE. Nikki Hunter keeps her eyes right on you while she teaches you how to last longer with stronger erections and how to really please a woman.

DVD 003 Approx. 90 minutes





Eavesdrop on four woman as they reveal the sexual secrets they would only tell other women. Then watch them as they show you how they act out these intense, steamy moments with their partners. Women from across America tell you what works and what doesn't work for them. This is a must-have guide for women -- and the men who love them.
Hosted by Dr. Babenco-Saunders & Dr. Perry

DVD 009 Approx. 90 minutes


New Release

Women's Sexual Satisfaction






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