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What do totally uninhibited women do in private? Just about everything possible to experience the most intense and wanton pleasure. Each woman has her own special techniques to touch herself in just the right way to unlock that incredibly awesome sexual power every woman possesses. The more they do it, the more they want it. These women are insatiable. Learn how they can take so much pleasure. 

DVD 516 70 minutes



Watch our beautiful and sexually experienced couples bring themselves and each other to shuddering waves of pleasure. Shay Sights and Nick tease each other on as they play with themselves and watch each other at the same time. Gia, Nicole Moore and Sabrina Love-Cox show their partners just how much really intense pleasure they can take from the Sybian and Fantasy Rack!

DVD 517 70 minutes



Sorry guys, vibrators are a girl's best friend. The smart lover learns how to join in, not compete, with these devices created to drive women to mind-blowing orgasm after orgasm. Participate or just watch as women show you how they really get off. This is an orgasm-drenching video not to be missed!

DVD 514 110 minutes



Ultimate vibrator and dildo guide

The Bonk'er Spring is a truly revolutionary sex toy invented with the women's pleasure in mind. This video shows you sex techniques not possible with any other sex gear. See our fun loving couples bounce weightlessly towards powerful orgasm after orgasm!

 DVD 525 90 minutes



You've never seen so many sexual devices enjoyed by so many hot couples in one video! We show you how to have even more pleasure with the toys you already have. Then there are exotic devices that allow you to see sexual activity you will not believe. This video is guaranteed to turn you and your partner on and give you information you've got to have. See some of the hottest scenes from the Sex Toy & Masturbation Series.

 DVD 788 100 minutes



Find out what happens as six women go to a wild "home party" and buy all sorts of erotic toys, potions, lotions and lingerie. They learn how to strip, use vibrators and give a world-class blowjob! Then they bring all these goodies and new skills home to their very grateful partners.

Con Subtitulos en Espanol

DVD 509 90 Minutes



A home party for erotic toys, potions, lotions and lingerie

This takes high-powered sex toys to way out there. Watch once again as our six adventure-loving women go to a Pleasure Party to experience floor-thumping vibrators and very kinky sexual devices. Things get even hotter after the party when Zarina is seduced into a very submissive position-strapped down to the Sportsheet. Saki can't resist returning the next day to get a personal lesson in weightless sex on the LoveSwing.

Con Subtitulos en Espanol

DVD 522 75 Minutes



High-powered sex toy go way out

Experience weightless sex in every position imaginable. See couples use the LoveSwing to take lovemaking to new heights. Helps overcome premature ejaculation and is an aid to back problems.

DVD 503 70 minutes



Be a Better Lover in only 10 Minutes


Two sexy couples vacation together to spice up their sex lives.. They use toys, costumes  and exotic locations to stimulate their libidos.

DVD 303 Approx. 95 minutes



Watch Charlene Aspen imprison Zarina spread-eagled and trapped on the Sportsheet. Then they both turn on Monti and even though he begs for "release," they tease and play with him endlessly. Nick Manning shows Shay Sights there is no escape when he cuffs her strong, curvaceous body to the Sportsheet and has his way with her--in a playful way of course.

DVD 515 Approx. 90 minutes



Sportsheet For S/M Lite!

Super Cyber Sex

Take your sex to a whole new level! In our cyber world, electronics, web cams & phone sex puts new meaning to: "Reach out and touch someone." Distance relationships can really benefit from the latest pleasure devices.

DVD 526 Approx. 100 minutes



Hot Long Distance Sex!

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