Love Swing

Complete comfort and Eye ContactSee How Easy It Is To:
But1.gif (214 bytes) Increase your sexual satisfaction
But1.gif (214 bytes) Increase passion and connection
But1.gif (214 bytes) Increase lovemaking abilities by 200%
But1.gif (214 bytes) Increase duration of each loving session
But1.gif (214 bytes) Achieve effortless sex in every position possible!

Swing to NEW heights.The LoveSwing assists couples to do all of these and more! See the LoveSwing video for explicit demonstrations!

Using The LoveSwing is more like an erotic dance than just ordinary sex.

Any man who can simply stand and sway from side-to-side can
become a great lover in 5 minutes when using The LoveSwing!

Any woman will gain an even closer bond with her partner
during lovemaking in The LoveSwing!

The LoveSwing design is based on years of extensive
research in the art of sexual and sensual lovemaking.

Both of You Will LOVE Spinning!
The LoveSwing
can be used inside or out. It is water-resistant yet washable.  It holds over 400 lbs.! So comfortable you'll wonder how you ever did without the Ultimate Sex Toy. Instantly hook it to an eyebolt in your ceiling or to a tree outside. 

Never Have Oral Sex in Bed Again! 
Fully adjustable to every height and sexual position. The spreader bar, hand straps,     completely adjustable back support and a set of comfortable foot supports are all included. Easy, set-up instructions and exciting ideas to take your sex play to new heights come with every Swing plus, absolutely FREE, the LoveSwing video!  

Only: $195.00 (plus $30.00 shipping & handling)

Available Fabric Colors





   The LoveSwing and FREE LoveSwing Video in DVD

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