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Hot sex from Holland now available in the U.S. Hosted by Dr. Michael Perry and Goedele Liekens (formerly Miss Belgium, media personality and Sex Therapist). Practical help graphically demonstrated as only the Dutch dare to do. Helps you overcome common problems with solutions you can really use.

Europe's Best Selling Sex Education Series!
Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens [former Miss Belgium] and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun! A real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction. Practical advice is offered for overcoming common sexual misconceptions - as well as recommendations of ways for improving communication and intimacy to make sex a lifelong pleasure!

Erotic Fantasies
Orgasm & Self-Pleasuring
Myths of Sexuality
Increasing Sexual Self-Esteem
How to Increase Sexual Arousal
Improving Intimate Communication

DVD S 01 Approx. 60 minutes





Sensual Massage
Genital Massage
The Race to Orgasm
How to Prolong Erections & Orgasms
Learning New Positions

DVD S 02 Approx. 60 minutes





Desire, Sexual Arousal
Orgasm & Afterplay
Visual Turn-Ons, Teasing & Playing
Bedroom Etiquette
A Bath of Kisses & Oral Sex
Toys & Lubricants
Condom Use

DVD S 03 Approx. 60 minutes







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