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Double Pleasure - Fun with the neighbor

Luccia sneaks next door to play with her girlfriend, Sandy Simmers but finds her sister Alanah instead. She initiates her into delicious girl-girl pleasure. Then Alanah invites her amazed husband to join in for a three-way.

DVD 527 Approx. 90 minutes




Find out at last where and what the G Spot and Female Ejaculation really are -- and are not. Stimulate the G Spot for gushing orgasms!

Con Subtitulos en Español

DVD 504 Approx. 90 minutes



Amazing G Spot & Female Ejaculation

While their husbands are away, Sandy Simmers invites Luccia over for some sensual sexploratioin. They play in the pool experimenting with all kinds of sex toys and show you how to shave a pussy totally clean.

DVD 508 Approx. 120 MINUTES



How is it possible for couples to bring a third person into their intimate relationship? Many have thought about it. Lots of people fantasize about it. Some couples are actually practitioners in Open Relationship lifestyles.

DVD 507 Approx. 120 minutes.





Discover more about what turns a woman on
and how any man can be a great lover. Explore G Spot stimulation and female ejaculation!
Interracial sex!

DVD 505 Approx. 115 minutes



Explicit Female MasturbationTechniques


New updated Version!

Con Subtitulos en Espanol

DVD 501 Approx. 60 minutes



Couples Seduce Each Other.

An adventurous couple sets out to turn their Valentine's Day weekend into a lust-filled romp. They dare each other into outrageous sexual experiences. A gasping vixen gets a sexual   massage with  G Spot stimulation.

DVD 506 Approx. 110 minutes



Discover completely new techniques which begin where other massage videos leave off. Learn exquisite massage strokes designed for those favorite -- and secret -- erogenous zones. Find out how to locate and really stimulate the  G Spot. Let incredible intervaginal photography reveal secret zones of pleasure! Watch our couples build on wave upon wave of orgasmic delights

Con Subtitulos en Espanol

DVD 502 over 100 Minutes .



Eavesdrop on four woman as they reveal the sexual secrets they would only tell other women. Then watch them as they show you how they act out these intense, steamy moments with their partners. Women from across America tell you what works and what doesn't work for them. This is a must-have guide for women -- and the men who love them.
Hosted by Dr. Babenco-Saunders & Dr. Perry

DVD 009 Approx. 90 minutes



New Release

Learn to drive your lover wild with exciting new sensual, sexual massage techniques. Now every couple can learn the latest sexual positions and stimulation points to really drive women crazy with   G Spot stimulation. See what women long for in bed and beyond. See how to experience weightless sex in the ultimate sex toy! Watch as couples use the LoveSwing to take their lovemaking to new heights!

DVD 785 over 80 Minutes




Best Seller

The Sex Men Love


Men like their sex to be more direct, focused and inventive. They also like to demonstrate their skills in getting their partners off too. "Sex Men Love" has just the right mix of romance, seduction and creative techniques.

D004 over 100 Minutes



New Release



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