Access Instructional Media was created by Dr. Perry in 1992 to make sensual, sexual
more available to everyone.

These videos arouse and teach at the same time.

Knowledge is the best aphrodisiac.
We all can always learn more about giving and receiving
sensual pleasure.

Michael Perry, Ph.D., A.C.S., is an internationally known author, educator and sex therapist. He has made "Sexology" his specialty for over 25 years and maintains a private practice in Hollywood, California. He is Board Certified by the American College of Sexologists.

As a licensed sex therapist he has assisted thousands of clients to have better sex lives. He knows what women and men really want -- in bed and in their relationships.

Dr. Perry is the only licensed sex therapist who writes, directs, produces and videotapes his own series of hot instructional erotica so you can have better sex.

The essential key to a better and more fulfilling sex life is knowledge, information, and practice. AIM has created award winning, erotic videos to assist you in the privacy of your home. We invite you to check out our complete video catalog and begin enjoying a more passionate sex life.

Let us fulfill our promise to you:
"Your Pleasure Is Our Business"