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New Sexual Secrets for Improved Intimacy and Overcoming Sexual Problems

Sam, a high powered entertainment lawyer, does everything fast - including sex. Marie, his sexually frustrated girlfriend, is about to leave him. A vacation in the Pacific Northwest doesn't help. So... Sam turns to a sex surrogate to learn how to overcome his sexual problem.
Trevor and his wife are having sexual difficulties too. He can't maintain his erection and she can't come. Watch them both go through an erotic and educational experience in Malibu. They find that great sex can be learned. You too will see how to experience the best sex of your life!

Starring: Raelyn Saalman, Deborah Stevens, Rock Hunter Pamela Pounds, Bern Kirkland & Everett Rodd

Effective Communication Games
Secret Sex Surrogate Techniques 
Overcoming Premature Ejaculation
Solving Erection Problems
Becoming More Easily Orgasmic

DVD 306 90 Minutes

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